Easy Steps for Simplifying Your Move

Are you removing all your extra stuff or organizing things for making a move to apartments in San Antonio? If you’re beginning things up with your overstuffed garage or closet, you can easily get overwhelmed by the sorting things up, which is a must before any move.

As a matter of fact, such an overwhelming situation can overshadow your thrill and anticipation of getting settled into the new place. So, it is always advisable to make a fresh start and pare down as well as letting unwanted items go of.

One amongst some best strategies for apartment moves is clearing out all clutter is 3×3 rule. This rule can be used for sorting through and purging all the stuff from your clothing to the craft supplies to your tools and furniture.

Ask some of your trusted friends to help you and tackle one area in your home which should be de-cluttered first. All the stuff should be pulled out and you should sort every item, making three piles.  First pile should contain items without which you can live without having to face any problems and you plan on throwing or giving these things away. In second pile you should put any “undecided items”, which are the things that aren’t used too often or loved by you, but you are not even ready to throw them away. In last pile you should put all items that you wish to keep.

After completing this sorting process, repeat the same a couple of more times. Now go through things a bit quickly. When you complete the third round, make sure that there isn’t anything left in the “undecided items” pile, plus, your “keep” pile should also be whittled down to only have items that you really love and use too frequently.

All the remaining stuff should be donated to some secondhand store. If this pile is too big, you might get tempted and start pulling off items from this pile. After all this, you’ll feel good for shedding off all the excess stuff making your move to apartments for rent in san Antonio tx a lot easier.

Taking this approach will simply allow you to de-clutter easily. You will not feel overwhelmed at all when purging things bit after bit. However, it is quite possible that you find it hard to get rid of most of your stuff because you find some kind of emotional attachment with different pieces. So, it becomes crucial for you to address the issues of your emotional attachment with the belongings of yours while organizing the stuff. This way, you will successfully be able to reduce, consolidate as well as pack things up and prepare for the move to the next residence of yours. Your job will be simplified and you will find it a lot easier for you to move to the new place.